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ProCell Therapies offers cutting-edge biotechnology to induce a breathtaking transformation to the appearance of the skin that can last a lifetime.

The procedure makes uniform holes in the outermost layer of your skin, the same size & the same depth, without damaging or scratching your skin. These tiny holes, also called as channels, are the perfect way to get healing products into your skin, such as the which has stem cell technology. This treatment is clinically proven to increase collagen & elastin production, which in turn increases the thickness of the skin while improving the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone & texture, fine lines, acne scars/surgical scars, stretch marks and more.


  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Skin Tone & Tightening
How Long Does ProCell Microchanneling Last?

Microchanneling can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years, depending on the clients age and lifestyle.

How Many Treatments Will I need?

For light anti-aging treatments, 1 to 2 treatments may be sufficent but for deeper wrinkles & scarring, you may require 4 to 6 treatments to achieve desired results.  An interval of 3 to 4 weeks between treatments is typically recommended and you can see the results 2-3 weeks after your treatment.

Does Microchanneling Hurt?

Microchanneling does not hurt, but it does not feel good too.  However, if you feel pain during the procedure, you can ask your skin care professional to apply a light numbing cream.

How long does it take to heal from Microchanneling Therapy?

After the therapy, your skin will be pink or red in appearance for the first 24 to 48 hours.  However, this can be covered with a quality mineral makeup within 90 minutes of treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Microchanneling?

You are an ideal candidate for Microchanneling if you have:

  • Rosacea
  • Fine Lines or Wrinkles
  • Loose Skin
  • Dull-Looking Complexion
  • Large Pores
  • Acne and Acne Scarring/Surgical Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Improve Surface Texture
Is Microchanneling Treatment Safe?

Microchanneling therapies are absolutely safe and side effects are uncommon when being performed by knowledgeable and trained skincare professionals.

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